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    May 2016 Newletter

    $100,000 OTRF 2016 Investment in Research If you are reading this newsletter, you have a vested interest in the turfgrass industry. The OTRF firmly believes that the future of the industry we are all working in, starts with solid turfgrass research. Our livelihoods depend on it. The OTRF Board of Directors...
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    Evaluation of compost topdressing applications and compost tea applications on sports field turfgrass swards

    Principle Researcher Katie Dodson, Olds College, Alberta Project Scope: The project will address the use of compostable waste on worn Kentucky bluegrass municipal sports fields by examining topdressing rates and determining field recommendations for in-use sports fields. A companion study will look at the formulation and effects of compost teas on...
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    Fungicide alternatives management of microdochium patch and anthracnose

    Principle Researcher Dr. Alec Kowalewski, Oregon State University Project Scope: The project theme will critically evaluate alternative products that have shown potential to control microdochium patch and anthracnose on Poa annua putting greens. Documented scientific research highlighting defined cultural practices and alternative products for reducing and/or suppressing microdochium patch and anthracnose in...
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    Effects of ethylene inhibition on creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass survival of ice cover stress

    Principle Researcher Dr. Emily Merewitz and Dr. Kevin Frank, Michigan State University Project Scope: Creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass are sensitive to ice cover stress when grown as putting green species. The project objective is to determine whether an increase in ethylene or a reduction of ethylene in turfgrass canopies may promote...
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    September 2015 Newsletter

    Hats off to Thornhill G &CC for OTRF fundraiser! As in any charity, our existence is all about raising money for a worthy cause and such is the case with the OTRF. Our mission to support the scientific research of turf for the advancement of the turf industry is contingent...
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    September 2014

    $100,000  for Turfgrass Research  @ Credit Valley Golf Imagine a sunny day golfing with good friends following a winding river bed on a unique course and finishing the day with delicious food and beverages on a patio overlooking the valley high above the course. On August 18th, the Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation held its annual...
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    February 2015 Newsletter

    Board approves $140,000 grants for research   Through successful fundraising initiatives this past year, the Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation continues its mandate to financially support scientific researchers who have goals of discovering lead edge turfgrass management. The OTRF Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2015 distribution of $140,000...
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    Guideline for sustainable turfgrass using low-input cultivars and low-risk management practices

    Principle Researcher Dr. Micheal Brownbridge Project Scope: This project proposes to integrate the use of improved turfgrass cultivars with low-risk pesticides and other biological inputs to promote establishment and resilience. Outputs will enable informed choices around selection of new grass species for seeding/turf installation and their use with biological inputs...

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