Biological control of dollar spot disease in creeping bentgrass using benefical microbes

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Principle Researcher

Dr. Manish Raizada, University of Guelph

Project Scope:

Beneficial bacteria microbes have been identified to suppress dollar spot. This two stage research project will provide the groundwork for an effective robust biological spray formulation to suppress dollar spot diseases on grass ( creeping bentgrass), therefore reducing the dependency of non-environmental friendly inputs such as chemical fungicides.  Through field and greenhouse trials, anti-fungal endophytes will be identified in the first stage of the project leading up to an understanding of the molecular mode of action. In the second stage, using the beneficial microbes identified in stage one, post -application colonization and persistence of the beneficial microbes in the field and greenhouse through DNA fingerprinting will be measured and subsequently optimizing a field spray formulation. Successful results will lead to an effective robust biocontrol spray formulation for dollar spot disease and provide documentation of the molecular mode of action necessary for obtaining regulatory approval for future commercialization.

Final Report 2016 H.Shehata &  M. Raizada – 2016 J Applied  Microbiology-  Anti dollar spot endophytes 


OTRF Funding Partners:

Quebec Turfgrass Research Foundation

This project was funded in part through Growing Forward 2, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of Growing Forward 2 in Ontario.



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