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    Guideline for sustainable turfgrass using low-input cultivars and low-risk management practices

    Principle Researcher Dr. Micheal Brownbridge Project Scope: This project proposes to integrate the use of improved turfgrass cultivars with low-risk pesticides and other biological inputs to promote establishment and resilience. Outputs will enable informed choices around selection of new grass species for seeding/turf installation and their use with biological inputs...
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    Determination of population dynamics of plant-parasitic nematodes on golf course greens throughout Canada and evaluation of alternative management on site

    Principle Researcher Dr. Katerina Jordan, University of Guelph Project Scope: An understanding of the presence, diversity and seasonal shifts of nematode populations will allow golf course managers to better predict nematode infestations and symptom growth. The development of BMPs for nematode management, including potential efficacy of alternative nematicides, will provide golf...
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    Development of cultural systems and biological controls for integrated turf management

    Principle Researcher Dr. Micheal Brownbridge Project Scope: This project will provide viable biocontrol agents with robust use practices, information on the potential of new grass varieties and novel seed coating technologies for use in ecologically sound integrated turf management programs. Final report :  REPORT OTRF Funding Partner Ontario Horticultural Trades Foundation -Landscape...
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    Variation in responsiveness of Agrostis cultivars to defense activators and correlation with defense response genes

    Principle Researcher Dr. Tom Hsiang, Dr. Paul Goodwin Project Scope: The objective of this project is to identify species and cultivars with strong responsiveness to defense activation by particular compounds. The potential benefit to turfgrass management could decrease the use of highly regulated synthetic pesticides in favor of lower risk alternatives,...

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