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    Irrigation protocols and overseeding rates and methods for pesticide- free soccer fields

    Project leaders: Peter Purvis, University of Guelph Pam Charbonneau, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Project Scope: Turfgrass cultural practices, such as irrigation and overseeding have shown to improve sports playing fields. In this study, enhanced water conservation was investigated using a modified water budget based on evapotranspiration....
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    Rhizoctonia diseases of turfgrass

    Principal Researcher: Dr.Tom Hsiang, University of Guelph. Project Scope: The fungal genus Rhizoctonia, most commonly brown patch, causes a variety of diseases on a variety of grasses. The objectives of this work are to examine isolates of Rhizoctonia for the ability to cause disease on a range of turfgrass host...
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    Snow mold fungicide timing

    Principal Researcher: Dr. Tom Hsiang Project Scope: We tested conditions under which snow mold fungicides should be reapplied if there is a rainfall or winter snow melt. Most quintozene treatments showed significant suppression of snow mold when they were applied within three weeks prior to permanent snow cover whether or...
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    Pythium root rot in Ontario

    Principal Researcher: Dr. Tom Hsiang Project Scope: Surveying for the casual agent of pythium root rot in Ontario, found the disease to be very common and more frequent than previously thought. The casual agents of Pythium root rot are identified in this research. Final Report: PDF Document
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    Management, host pathogenicity and rapid identification of Magnaporthe poae on annual bluegrass and Kentucky bluegrass turf

    Principal Researcher: Dr.Katerina Jordan, Dr. Chris Hall, University of Guelph, Ontario . Project Scope: The expected results of this project will aid in reducing fungicide use by increasing efficacy of preventive applications, thereby reducing development of disease. Development of an on-site diagnostic tool will allow for earlier detection and potentially...
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    Contribution of field playing surface type and quality to potential acute and chronic injury rates

    Principal Researcher: Dr. William Gage, York University, Ontario Dr. Eric Lyons University of Guelph , Ontario Project Scope: This study will examine the athlete interface with different playing surfaces of both synthetic and natural fields that include different turfgrass types, densities and weed invasion. With the technology of a orthopedic...
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    Biological control of crabgrass

    Principal Researcher: Dr. Alan Watson, McGill University, Quebec Project Scope: The goal of this project is to develop the fungus Curvularia into an effective and selective bioherbicide for crabgrass control in turf. Success in the development of the selectivity and efficacy to control crabgrass will determine the viability of registering...

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