Reasons To Give

The OTRF is committed to raising money through donations to advance the turfgrass industry through scientific research that provide solutions to current turf management issues. The health benefits of natural turfgrass are widely promoted through the media but economic and environmental benefits are important too. Through donations to charitable turfgrass research foundations such as the OTRF, we can continue to provide our future generations with healthy green spaces to work, play and live.

The Benefits of Natural Turfgrass – Consider the environmental, economic and health benefits

Environmental Benefits • Cools the Air • Produces Oxygen • Restores Soil Quality• Filters Groundwater Supply • Controls Soil Erosion • Retains and Sequesters Carbon • Decomposes Pollutants• Filters Air & Reduces Pollution

Economic Benefits • Provides employment • Increases Property Values • Reduces Cooling Costs • Low-Cost Ground Cover • Boost in tourism

 Health Benefits • Improves Physical & Mental Health • Promotes Outdoor Activity & Exercise • Provides Safe Surface & Reduces Injuries • Dissipates Heat • Preserves Natural Wildlife Habitat

Economic Benefits

GRASS- Is big business!

Did you know that the Ontario turfgrass industry supplies $2.8 Billion in gross revenues according to OTRF funded Economic Impact study in 2008?

OTRF Economic Impact of Turfgrass Industry Highlights

Environmental Benefits

Reduce your CARBON FOOTPRINT with responsibly managed lawns, sports fields and green spaces.

In a recent turfgrass study, turfgrass management regimes have an effect on carbon sequestration (

Health Benefits

A picture is worth a thousand words….


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The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation directs and promotes turf research for the benefit of the turfgrass industry and the general public.