Eco-inoculants: A paradigm shift technology to suppress dollar spot disease in turfgrass using a mixture of beneficial microbes

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Principle Researcher

Dr. Manish Raizada, University of Guelph

Project Scope:

The goal of this project is to test eco-friendly technologies to suppress dollar spot fungal disease in turfgrass, specially creeping bentgrass. Eco-inoculants are based on the emerging concept that inoculation with multiple harmless microbes into a plant will occupy the space and prevent harmful fungi and bacteria from finding that space due to competition from nutrients. Using DNA fingerprinting, beneficial microbes will be identified and determine which ones will colonize to have a chance of broad spectrum resistance against different fungal and bacterial pathogens.

FInal Report: REPORT

Investment in this project has been provided by AAFC through the CAAP program. In Ontario this program is adminstered by the Agricultural Adaptation Council

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