February 2015 Newsletter

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Board approves $140,000 grants for research  

Through successful fundraising initiatives this past year, the Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation continues its mandate to financially support scientific researchers who have goals of discovering lead edge turfgrass management. The OTRF Board of Directors is pleased to announce the 2015 distribution of $140,000 grants awarded to turfgrass research. By collaborating with industry partners and funding agencies such as the Canadian Growing Forward 2 program, the OTRF will be granting valuable industry seed money to researchers who will use these funds to conduct $250,000 of research this year.  This year there are several important projects funded by the OTRF with outcomes of significant value to homeowners, golf superintendents and sports turf managers alike. For additional information on the following OTRF sponsored research projects, refer to the OTRF Research 

* Biological control of dandelion weed in turfgrass using beneficial microbes  

Dr. Manish Raizada,  University of Guelph

* Turf disease and stress resistance defense activators: Field work 

Dr. Tom Hsiang/ Dr. Paul Goodwin University of Guelph

* Guideline for sustainable turfgrass using low-input cultivars and low-risk management practices

Dr. Michael Brownbridge– Vineland Research Center

* Biological control of dollar spot disease in creeping bentgrass using beneficial microbes  

Dr. Manish Raizada,  University of Guelph

* Evaluation of compost topdressing and compost tea applications on sports field turfgrass swards.
Katie Dodson, Olds College

In appreciation of our annual Platinum Partners

As we move into the turfgrass needs of the future and progress in discovering groundbreaking research outcomes,  a strong investment in research is needed. The OTRF is proud to be part of these new exciting initiatives in turfgrass research and appreciates the industry contributions made over the past year to the foundations mission.

 A special thank you to industry Platinum Partners,BAYER, GREEN HORIZONS and TURF CARE who annually contribute to our research fund through their financial partnership. For your opportunity to join as an industry Platinum Partner, contact the OTRF office.  Check out our Platinum Partnership

OTRF at Golf Association of Ontario AGM

With a $0.50 per member per year contribution, the Golf Association of Ontario ( GAO) has provided significant funds over the last few years to the OTRF in support of turfgrass research.  In a 2006 press release announcing the annual contribution, GAO President, Harry Daniel quoted ” The end benefit of this research is with the player and the golf courses and as such we felt it appropriate that those individuals -as members of the GAO – support the ongoing research. Their contributions will ensure that Ontario golf courses continue to benefit from leading edge turf research for years to come.”
OTRF’s Brenda Nailor and Debbie Conrad at GAO AGM
At the recent GAO annual general meeting  OTRF Research Chair, Dr. Brenda Nailor, presented a slide show to the membership on how the GAO investment has made a positive impact on golf course management. For example, it takes many years of research to develop best management practices and products to prevent the devastating turf diseases such as snow mould or insect infestations. Dr. Nailor provided the audience with pictures of what infestations on golf course greens could look like without advancements in turfgrass research. Many control products and management techniques available now started with investments years ago in turfgrass research. The golf experience for players is enhanced through research by improvements to course conditions in adverse environmental conditions, ability to extend the open season and provide the best playing surface because the grass is healthy.
 The OTRF would like to thank the GAO members for their past contributions to support turfgrass research, $425,000 in the last ten years!

Farewell to Pam Charbonneau- OMAFRA Turf Specialist

  The OTRF joins other industry professional associations and industry turf managers in congratulating OMAFRA Turf Specialist, Pam Charbonneau on her retirement. Many people in the industry have counted on Pam for her advice and teaching on tough management issues,  identifying turf diseases and insects, and recommending new products and trends. Through her tenure at OMAFRA, Pam has acted as a resource for information and counsel to the OTRF Research Committee and office staff. Pam’s contribution to the turfgrass industry has been significant over the years and she will be widely missed. The OTRF Board of Directors and staff wish Pam all the best in her retirement and future endeavors.


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