Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research (CATR) Call for Turfgrass Research Proposals

Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research (CATR) is a collaborative group of Canadian turfgrass funding associations that have formed a research funding alliance for the annual call for proposals of Canadian turfgrass research grants. The participating associations include:
Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation (CTRF)                  Western Canada Turfgrass Association (WCTA)
Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation (AlbertaTRF)            Atlantic Turfgrass Research Foundation (AtlanticTRF)
Quebec Turfgrass Research Foundation (QTRF)                    Ottawa Valley Turfgrass Research (OVTRF)
Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation (OTRF).
With a single submission researchers have the opportunity to have their proposal considered for funding by all groups and funded either separately or collaboratively. A national wide grant application eliminates application duplication while giving regional researchers more national exposure. The OTRF will be accepting proposals for 2018 Canadian turfgrass research grants on behalf of itself, CTRF, AlbertaTRF, QTRF, OVTRF, AtlanticTRF and WCTA.  You are invited to submit your application considering the following turfgrass research priorities:

  • Development and evaluation of effective alternatives to conventional pesticides (biological, micronutrients)
  • Marketing and communicating the benefits of turfgrass and addressing the public issues about the turfgrass industry
  • A systems approach to sustainable turfgrass management
  • Economic impact of turfgrass management decisions (IPM, synthetic, inputs)
  • New instrumentation, robotics and software technologies
  • Nutrient management and nutrient sources
  • Water conservation and water quality
  • Emerging Pests – Better diagnostics for new pests (e.g. summer patch and Waitea patch), new diseases in Canada, invasive insects that have migrated or started to establish in Canada with no alternatives or solutions available
  • Improved turfgrass species and varieties that exhibit desirable traits.  For example, have wear and drought tolerance, that require lower inputs or are pest resistant, or are alternative species for putting surfaces or are fast-maturing species for sod production
  • Modernize best practices for sports fields (construction and maintenance; scheduling of play, irrigated and non-irrigated fields) and putting greens.
  • Basic research (economics, environment, playability) of synthetic turf and comparison to natural turf
  • The nutrient composition removed when sod is harvested; to achieve the default value for sod crops
  • Effects of climate change on turfgrass and pests
  • Investigate the environmental benefits of golf courses to flora and fauna or research of specific cultural management practices on golf courses to improve the environmental benefits
  • Development of educational materials about the environmental impact of golf courses

ANNUAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS: The 2018 grant application submission date is closed. The next intake for submissions is September 2018.

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