Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research (CATR) Call for Turfgrass Research Proposals

Canadian Allied Turfgrass Research (CATR) is a collaborative group of Canadian turfgrass funding associations that have formed a research funding alliance for the annual call for proposals of Canadian turfgrass research grants.This year’s allied turfgrass research funding application process is being administered by the Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation.  You are invited to apply for research project funding consideration by the following expanded group of allied turfgrass research funding organizations with a single submission:

Alberta Turfgrass Research Foundation

Atlantic Golf Superintendents Association

Canadian Turfgrass Research Foundation

Manitoba Golf Superintendents Association

Northwest Turfgrass Association

Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation

Ottawa Valley Turfgrass Research Foundation

Quebec Turfgrass Research Foundation

Saskatchewan Turfgrass Association

Western Canada Turfgrass Association

To be considered for funding, please complete the 2019 Research Grant ‘ONECALL’ application form and return to by Monday, October 15th, 2018 by 5:00pm Pacific time.



Please get in touch with the CTRF if we have not acknowledged receipt of your application within 2 weeks of submission.  While the CTRF is administering this application process, individual organizations will make funding decisions based on their own priorities, funds available, previous commitments, etc.  As a result, funding for individual projects may be provided by one or more funding group.

If you have questions, please contact Jerry Rousseau at the CTRF office.



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