Research We Fund

The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation proudly supports the scientific research of turf culture for the advancement of the turfgrass industry. Through proceeds from fundraising initiatives, charitable donations and annual industry contributions, the OTRF financially supports Canadian based turfgrass research.

OTRF Turfgrass Research

Annually, the foundation launches a call for research proposals to Canadian researchers. An OTRF research committee reviews these grant applications to ensure that turfgrass funding is utilized in the best interest of the turfgrass industry. Executive summaries in addition to annual interim and final reports of OTRF funded research can be found by topic headings.Follow the links to OTRF funded projects on agronomy, pathology, insects and turf management 

Research Priorities

Research grants are awarded based on identified research needs for the turf sector as defined by stakeholders in the turf industry. These research priorities are reviewed and updated regularly as the needs of green space management are mandated.

OTRF Project Researchers

Our sponsored projects are lead by principal investigators who are experts in their scientific fields.

Our Research Connections

The OTRF is one of many Canadian turfgrass research affiliations that recognize the value of turfgrass research by financial support, research facilities or communication.

Mission Statement
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The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation directs and promotes turf research for the benefit of the turfgrass industry and the general public.