Research Priorities & RFPs


With funds generated through donations and fundraising events, the OTRF annually provides grants to academic researchers to improve turfgrass management, ensuring healthy grass systems for years to come.

Researchers from universities from across Canada and the northern US states who are working in turfgrass management and are seeking funding, are invited to apply for an OTRF grant.

We are now accepting applications for the next round of funding with a request for proposals closing date of November 15, 2024. Successful applicants will be notified in February, 2025 with grants available for project work starting April 1, 2025.


The OTRF Research Grant Committee will select annual research projects to fund based on the following priorities, that has been developed in partnership with key turfgrass industry stakeholders:

  • Sustainable turfgrass management.
  • Turfgrass best management practices.
  • Pests and disease management.
  • Development and evaluation of effective alternatives to conventional pesticides.
  • Improved diagnostics for new pests and turf diseases in northern climates.
  • New instrumentation, robotics, and software technologies.
  • Improved turfgrass species and varieties.
  • Wear tolerance, management, and recovery.
  • Nutrient management and nutrient sources.
  • Water conservation and water quality.
  • Effects of climate change on turfgrass and pests
  • Economic impact of turf management decisions.
  • Comparison of economics, environment, and playability of synthetic turf & natural turf.
  • Societal benefits of turfgrass.

NOTE: OTRF In-direct/ Overhead Policy
All monies donated to research facilities and institutions must be spent on research activities expenses only. Submitted proposals must not include any in-direct or overhead fees in the budget.

For further information or questions  contact the OTRF office.