Sports Turf

The Ontario Turfgrass Research Foundation is proud to support sports turf research to improve sustainable management of turfgrass in sports field applications through proceeds from fundraising initiatives, charitable donations, and annual industry contributions.

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Contribution of field playing surface type and quality to potential acute and chronic injury rates

Dr. William Gage & Dr. Eric Lyons | York University & University of Guelph

Co-sponsored by Sports Turf Canada

Use of poa supina on pesticide free athletic fields

Dr. Eric Lyons | University of Guelph

Co-sponsored by Agricultural Adaptation Council- CUPRI Program

Development of a guide for rating athletic fields to determine maximum use.

Check back for to download summary fact sheet. 

Pam Charbonneau | DCS Turf Services

Irrigation protocols & overseeding rates & methods for pesticide free soccer fields

Peter Purvis & Pam Charbonneau | University of Guelph